The App you can’t live without

In these frantic times when you struggle to concentrate on a TikTok clip and YouTube videos seem like boring Truffaut dramas, following a movie to the end is increasingly difficult. And comprehending it is a real challenge.

The outdated movie industry continues to deliver complex stories with ever-changing plots when it could simply provide us with an episode of Fast & Furious with new cars, a Jurassic Park with new dinosaurs or, even better, a reality show with new young celebrities.

Now your problems are gone, because FilmSpiegone is the app that will take you by the hand through the complex world of film plots.

How do you use FilmSpiegone? Just install it on your iPhone, iPad or Smart TV. You don’t have to do anything else. Every time you watch a new film, the FilmSpiegone assistant will magically appear and explain what you’re watching in real time.

To make your experience with FilmSpiegone truly unforgettable, we have developed four different virtual assistants.

  • Meticulous Nerd (accurate and detailed)
  • Irreverent Cinephile (ready to integrate explanations with clever jokes)
  • Lofty Citationist (with impressive literary references)
  • Banana Man (simple drawings explanations)

Assistant skins can be purchased in-app.

Our movie experts have been developing for years a game-changing system that can analyse, understand and explain the plot of every film, from Scary Movie to Interstellar. When you install FilmSpiegone, you instantly have access to the expertise of a real Artificial Intelligence that will guide you through every step and every line, even explaining the film ending.

You will no longer look bad in front of the coffee machine, nor with your Twitter followers. With a simple in-app purchase you can even write perfect blog reviews in which you can complain about plot holes or inconsistent character actions.

Soon the augmented reality version for use in cinemas. Available for purchase separately.


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